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WaterWide is a nonprofit organisation that tracks government spending for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in rural communities. We track funds meant for rural communities, we advocate, we are charitable, we train and empower people in rural communities with information to demand a transparent and accountable government.

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Tracking of government spending and international aids can help to ensure that funds are spent judiciously, and not diverted to private pockets.

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  • It enables communities to ask: 'Are public resources being used as planned? And are they bringing the expected results?’ It can lead to better public services for communities. It can also lead to stronger relationships and accountability between communities and people in power.
  • These relationships may give further opportunity for communities to work with local governments to help them to prioritise expenditure to meet the community’s greatest needs.


WaterWide is committed to improving access to safe water, improved sanitation and good hygiene in rural communities through advocacy;

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  • which it defines as 'Influencing the decisions, policies and practices of powerful decision-makers, to address underlying limited access of WASH in rural communities and bring the about good living condition of people in rural communities and support good development.
  • For us, advocacy never just raises awareness of an issue, problem or situation. It always seeks to change the policies, practices, systems, structures, decisions and attitudes that are causing the issue, problem or situation, in favour of people living in marginalised rural communities.


We provide help and raise funds for people living in rural communities because access to safe water, improved sanitation and proper hygiene is crucial to the development of any community.

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  • Our activities include raising funds for communities to provide wells, boreholes and hand washing stations in schools, Safe and reliable water restores hope and unlocks potential.


We build the capacity of people living in rural communities to effectively track the implementation of government WASH projects;

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  • we also train them on best sanitation and hygiene habits and empower them to manage available water infrastructure with the help of a water management committee that is selected from among community members to promote accountability among members. We strongly believe that while we achieve our goals of providing access to safe water, improve sanitation and proper hygiene, it is also crucial for members of the benefiting communities to be empowered with the right skills to sustain the growth of their community.

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Safe water can empower women and girls, improve health, aid education, reduce poverty and make rural dwellers happy


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