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About WaterWide

Founded in 2019, WaterWide is a non-profit organisation that tracks government spending for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in rural communities.

Working towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6 in 2030, WaterWide is assuming the responsibility of tracking funds to ensure project implementation for water and sanitation in rural communities in Nigeria. This is meant to ensure transparency and accountability.

We engage in advocacy at both policy and decentralised levels to strengthen and deepen our role in influencing policies and practices that impede access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene by the people in rural communities.

We build the knowledge and develop the capacity of relevant stakeholders in the water and sanitation sector and people in rural communities for best practice and also establish mechanisms for ensuring sustainability.

We raise funds for people living in rural communities because access to safe water, improved sanitation and proper hygiene are crucial to the development of any community.

Our Mission

Our Mission is

to improve access to clean water, improved sanitation and proper hygiene in rural communities.


Our Vision

Our Vision

We envision a world where there is access for all to safe water, improved sanitation, and proper hygiene and citizens’ are empowered to demand a transparent and accountable government